he asked me to tell him a secret, so I told him about my home.  he didn’t believe me, but he’ll have to meet my parents some day.

I’ve been bit by the tiny story bug again, you guys, so get ready. :D also, tiny stories are great for goofy romances.


“The King’s Ghost [a tiny tragedy]”

Animation by cacheth

Visual REsource by A Copy of a Copy

Music by alexandrelemay


wirrow (Global Curator) writes:

what a wonderful little animation. this really ticks all my heart’s boxes, so organically drawn and enigmatic. who will come up with a tiny story for this mysterious little scenario?


You can contribute to the Tiny Stories Volume 3 collaboration HERE!

i scooped it up in a spoon

and then swallowed the moon

aaah, pencils, i forgot how to use them D: 

Your kisses are snowflakes: each one is unique. They land on me, before they melt away, and leave me cold.  - blunderandfrightening

digital painting? I can pretend! :D

They were new in town and knew no one but each other. So they decided it would be best to split up and meet other people.

by IvanaK

One night while routinely counting the infinitesimal imperfections of her freckled features, she looked up at the night sky and realized with wonder that she was just made in its image. Now she counts stars instead.

by chariot13


The last time we made love, I thought of birch trees.

Still and white, the children of catastrophe.

tiny story by smweed :D